Seishin Commands

A list of all the Seishin(Spirit) Commands in Super Robot Gakuen

Japanese list is on top, the English list is underneath.

Number Name Seishin Translation Target Description
1 自爆 Suicide Self Self-Destruct, the user is instantly destroyed, and however many Hit Points he/she had is dealt in damage to all units on the field, damage is halved when Defend command is used, "Invincible" and "Guard" can defend against this effect.
2 偵察 Scan Enemy Allows the player to examine the targeted enemy's stats, abilities, and attacks without having the player attacking the enemy first in order to see them.
3 加速 Accel Self Decreases the AP of next action by half.
4 ひらめき Alert Self Evades any enemy attack for 1 battle.
5 狙撃 Snipe Self For 1 Battle, if the unit that cast "Sniping" hits the enemy, it will stop the targeted enemy unit's attack for 1-3 turns.
6 集中 Focus Self For 1 turn, the user's hit & evade rates increase by 30%.
7 努力 Gain Self Doubles the chance of a special effect from a unit's weapon, the effect lasts until the unit is destroyed.
8 根性 Vigor Self Increases HP by 30%.
9 必中 Strike Self The user gains an 100% Hit Rate for 1 battle ignoring evasion and enemy unit abilities, except for the "Alert" command.
10 直撃 Fury Self The user gains the ability to disable any special defense for 1 battle, this skill can disable "Invincible" and "Guard" too.
11 不屈 Invincible Self The user's damage intake is reduced to 10 for 1 battle.
12 突撃 Assail Self For 3 turns, the user's Critical Rate is 100%, can be used with "Valor" or "Soul".
13 応援 Cheer Ally Casts "Gain" on any Ally unit.
14 信頼 Trust Ally Recover 2000 HP on any Ally unit.
15 鉄壁 Guard Self The user reduces damage taken to 1/4 for 1 turn.
16 献身 Devotion Ally Recovers 30 SP on any Ally unit, affects only the main pilot.
17 ド根性 Guts Self Recovers 100% HP.
18 熱血 Valor Self For 1 Battle, additional damage by 2500, can't be used with "Soul".
19 幸運 Luck Self Effect activates once you kill enemy after use, increases the incidence of Gold Coins you receive after the victory against the opponents.
20 祝福 Bless Ally Cast "Luck" on any Ally unit.
21 かく乱 Disturbance(Disturb) Enemy For 1 turn, enemy hit rate is decreased by half.
22 気合 Spirit Self Increases the user's morale by 20.
23 覚醒 Zeal Self Starting on the next turn, the unit can use attack command 2 times per turn, the effect lasts until the unit is destroyed.
24 脱力 Daunt Enemy Decreases the targeted enemy's morale to 100.
25 Soul Self For 1 Battle, the user's attack performs an additional 4000 damage, can't be used with "Valor".
26 補給 Renew Ally Completely restores one ally unit's Energy Points (EN)
27 激励 Rouse Ally Increases morale by 20 for any ally, can't be cast on the casting unit itself.
28 友情 Faith Ally Recovers 100% HP on any Ally unit.
29 再動 Enable Self The user's next action uses only 1 AP.
30 Love Ally All Ally units recover 100% HP and, cures all abnormal statuses.
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