Game Summary

Super Robot Gakuen incorporates a new single player element to the game for the Super Robot Wars series.

We feature for the first time in the Super Robot Wars series, a pilot training facility known as, "Super Robot School" is taking place there and the combat simulator "Super Robot Battle" has set in.

Eeji Komatsu is in charge of the character designs.

Characters are featured in an original story, following the continuance of all previous games in the Super Robot Wars series, the combat simulator "Super Robot Battle" treat all previous games as data in the game.

Although originally planned as a conventional crossover story, however this became more of a war story.

Game Plot

Planet Earth has endured several human and alien invasions.

But it was stopped by our numerous robots.

The military appeared to oppose the invaders and, also aimed to train specialists capable of defending our planet by using combat simulators.

Because the Super Robots were more effective than we expected, the military has opened a facility built to educate the next generation of Super Robot pilots.

That school is…Super Robot Gakuen.

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